It is a basic a function of our state government to ensure every child receives a quality public education. That begins with access to a quality early childhood education program, manageable class sizes, workforce training, and a strong public university system. If we are going to prepare our children for a global economy we need to invest in our children to make sure that they remain competitive throughout their time in the North Carolina Public School System. 

I commit to fighting for:

  • Quality early childhood education programs for all children in North Carolina.
  • Competitive pay to attract and retain the brightest educators.
  • Investments in our teachers through professional development opportunities.
  • Strong and diverse public schools in North Carolina and bridging the digital divide for low-income households.
  • An Increase in per-pupil spending, including textbooks, classroom supplies, and instructional resources.
  • The restoration of the NC Teaching Fellows program.
  • Accountability and transparency standards for all charter schools.


We need to restore our economy from the ground up and increase economic mobility amongst all of our families. It starts with a livable wage and restoring the middle-class tax deductions for families most in need. We need to revitalize our local economy and support local assets to the community like Johnson C. Smith, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Intermodal Facility, University Research Park and maintain our partnership with University Partners. Charlotte is the Wall Street of the South and we should work to make sure that everyone participates in the growth and success of our local economy.

I commit to fighting for:

  • Policies that seek to expand our economy and diversify the workforce.
  • Access to affordable, quality health care for all North Carolinians.
  • Local innovation by supporting incentives for small businesses.
  • Investments in our infrastructure.
  • Maintaining local control of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
  • Pay increases for NC State employees.
  • Expansion and support of college and career readiness programming.
  • A living wage to give our families a fighting chance to escape poverty.
  • Incentives to businesses committed to a youth employment programming.
  • Policies and investments in green energy.
  • A ban on the use of criminal background checks in the initial hiring process by state agencies so that employers consider a job applicant’s qualifications first, without the stigma of a criminal record.
  • Incentives for companies to hire individuals with criminal records.
  • A restoration of North Carolina’s film credits.
  • The lowering of tuition and fee costs at our community colleges.
  • Expanding state support of UNC-Charlotte’s Business Incubator, Ventureprise.


Too many systems and institutions in our state are actively working against the benefit of our citizens, particularly our most vulnerable neighbors. As a public interest attorney, I have seen firsthand what a tough on crime approach can do to our communities. We need to hold government accountable, restore transparency, and repeal laws that reduce equity in our communities. 

I commit to fighting for:

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work Act for women in North Carolina.
  • Medicaid expansion in North Carolina which will benefit more than 600,000 residents.
  • Protection of a woman’s reproductive health care rights and ability to make their own health care decisions. 
  • Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
  • The expansion of state contracts awarded to Minority & Women-Owned Businesses.
  • An inclusive and diverse state regardless of an individual’s religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • An end to the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • An end to the use of money bail for low-level criminal offenses.
  • An end to incarceration due to inability to pay court fees and fines.
  • In-state tuition for undocumented students.
  • Automatic voter registration of all eligible citizens and repeal of voter suppression laws.