It is a basic a function of our state government to ensure every child receives a quality public education. That begins with access to a quality early childhood education program, manageable class sizes, workforce training, and a strong public university system. If we are going to prepare our children for a global economy we need to invest in our children to make sure that they remain competitive throughout their time in the North Carolina Public School System.

I commit to fighting for:

  • Quality early childhood education programs for all children in North Carolina.
  • Competitive pay to attract and retain the brightest educators.
  • Investments in our teachers through professional development opportunities.
  • Strong and diverse public schools in North Carolina and bridging the digital divide for low-income households.
  • An Increase in per-pupil spending, including textbooks, classroom supplies, and instructional resources.
  • The restoration of the NC Teaching Fellows program.
  • Accountability and transparency standards for all charter schools.