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Jesse tells him to chill out, but Saul warns that things have gone "nuclear" since Hank discovered the truth about Walt. Walt, desperate to take out Gus, whom he believes is intent on killing him, thinks that Jesse is the perfect "vehicle" to kill Gus. Instead of snapping back at him, Walt hugs Jesse, who breaks down in tears ("Confessions"). ("Say My Name") Despite being constantly underestimated, over the course of the series Jesse proves himself to be quick thinking and perceptive. Jane is a tattoo artist and Jesse's landlady and girlfriend. When Walt informs Jesse of his suspicion that the alley incident was a setup by Gus to test Jesse's loyalty, Jesse reacts with hostility, while Walt declares his belief that Gus is trying to drive a wedge into their partnership. After escaping from Jack Welker's Compound, Jesse appears to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from the brutal torture of the gang and from Walt's treatment towards him. Before driving off, Jesse gives Ed a letter to mail to Brock as a farewell. Walt and Jesse flee the scene, and watch as Hank—who has been guided to the house by chance through the LoJack on Jesse's car while searching for the missing Walt—confronts and fatally shoots Tuco ("Grilled"). However, the two escape after a struggle with Tuco. He often attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings to help deal with these feelings. Pinkman concocts a plan to poison the two, using Wendy's lunch delivery as his vector and the ricin made earlier to kill Tuco. Walt uses this opportunity to quickly relay the message that Jesse must now kill Gale and he must do it immediately. After giving him a quick pep-talk, Hank ushers Jesse out into the Plaza. With Jesse's help, Hank and Gomez finally arrest Walt, who calls Jesse a "coward" as he's being read his Miranda rights. However, during a party, Gus uses a poisoned bottle of tequila to kill off the cartel's leadership, including Don Eladio Vuente ("Salud"). Aaron Paul ("Felina") Following his rescue, Jesse shaves head and beard to stubble. Jesse was a small-time methamphetamine user, manufacturer, and dealer. Appearances in Breaking Bad Full name A few moments later at the car wash, Walt receives a picture message of a barrel full of cash buried in the dirt followed by a phone call from Jesse. Final moments: In the finale, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron … "Felina" Jesse then visits Walt at his house, and the two decide to partner up once again, since Walt realizes he needs the money and Jesse realizes he needs Walt's help to make a decent product ("Gray Matter"). Throughout the season Walt has proven time and time again that he is Jesse's guardian angel, he saved Jesse from Emilio and Crazy-8, saved him from Tuco, paid for his rehab, made him a 50-50 partner, saved him from those two drug dealers, saved him from Gus Fring and now had saved him from being Todd's meth slave. After Walt, Mike and Jesse agree that the best way to obtain their required methylamine is to rob a freight train shipping it (by having Patrick Kuby park on the tracks so as to block the train's path while the crew siphon the methylamine from it), they are seen by a child, Drew Sharp. Jesse in front of Isleta Casino's Jar Spa in Breaking Bad. He gives the man a bundle of cash from the duffel bag and then drives around town, erratically tossing the rest of the bundles of cash out of the car window into backyards, drains, homes and the streets ("Blood Money"). Jesse spirals into a drug-fueled depression when Combo is murdered by rival drug dealers. Jesse immediately assumes Walt is behind the poisoning, showing up at his house to confront him at gunpoint. Walt has Jesse shop for a plastic container in which he plans to dissolve Emilio's body with hydrofluoric acid. Later, Hank plays Jesse the voicemail that Walt left him, in which Walt asks Jesse to meet him at noon the next day in Albuquerque's Civic Plaza "to talk." Jesse would later deliver on that potential, producing a product on his own which Walt begrudgingly concedes is as good as what Walt himself produced. ("Grilled") Walt later tells Jesse that he "never thought much" of him, though he did frequently write "Apply Yourself" on Jesse's graded quiz papers and, when meeting Hank Schrader, his mother said "Mr. White must have seen some potential in Jesse, he really tried to motivate him, he was one of the few teachers who cared." Despite his poor academic standing, Jesse was able to graduate, with Walt present on stage when he received his diploma. Jesse ignores Walter's fears that Gus is planning to kill them, preferring to escape his guilt by setting up a perpetual rave at his house. After having left rehab clean and sober, he is still without friends. Huh? However, it later becomes quite clear that he is mentally damaged, and - in order to keep himself from reflecting on his guilt of the terrible thing he did - he surrounds himself with other people, keeping a 24/7 party going for whenever he is home from the lab. Appearances in Better Call Saul Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Jesse confronting Walt about the missing ricin. After breaking his sobriety by snorting some crystal in his car, he is strapped and ready for vengeance as he approaches the two thugs on the street. I always thought he looked like the manager of Liverpool FC, The glasses beard and stubble are very much Jurgen Klopp, More posts from the breakingbad community. Appearance in El Camino Nearby, a hard-looking man in a leather jacket is surveying the crowd. At this point, Jesse emerges from the next-door neighbor's bedroom window and falls off the roof. Available on. Saul berates Jesse for his stunt with the money. Breaking Bad Pilot - You wanna cook crystal meth? Jack decides to let Jesse live, while it's revealed that Jesse now has the photo of Andrea Cantillo and Brock Cantillo from the lab with him in his cage. In a final moment outside, Jesse and Walt share one last look of gratitude as the two nod farewell to one another. For quite a while, Jesse is on edge, thinking that Mike will simply drive around until he gets the order to kill him. Walter White (former chemistry teacher, former meth cook partner, former business partner) †Emilio Koyama (former meth cook partner) †Unknown woman (former lover)Wendy (former lover)Jane Margolis (former girlfriend) †Andrea Cantillo (ex-girlfriend) †Badger (friend)Skinny Pete (friend)Combo (friend) †Paul Tyree (friend)Mike Ehrmantraut (former business partner) †Hank Schrader (former partner in tracking down Walt) †Steven Gomez (former partner in tracking down Walt) † During his second confrontation with Neil Kandy and Casey, Jesse showed a pragmatic approach to the situation, only requesting exactly the amount of money he needed and brushing off the mockery aimed at the Colt Woodsman he was armed with. Log In Sign Up. Walt says that his poisoning of Brock was not to kill the boy, he only needed to have Jesse on his side to kill Gustavo Fring. Jesse finds solace in his endless, chaotic house parties. His time with Walt has transformed him from a laid-back jokester and much of the show's comic relief in the early seasons, to a troubled, woeful and sorrowful shadow of his former self as the series has progressed. September 24, 1984 The 64-year-old actor starred as Walter White in the hit drama series 'Breaking Bad', and has said he'd love to reprise the iconic role in the spin-off series - which follows evolution of lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) into his alter-ego, Saul Goodman - if he was asked to return. Despite the friction between them, he and Walt have a deep bond of loyalty. However, Todd stops his uncle from pulling the trigger, suggesting they interrogate Jesse to find out what the DEA knows. Just my opinion, I feel these scenes don’t get talked about enough. Later, in an angry effort to prove to Walt that he's not working with Jesse, but rather that Jesse is working for him, Jack has Todd bring Jesse, bound in handcuffs and ankle-cuffs, out of the meth lab and into the clubhouse, where Walt and the gang await. Methamphetamine manufacturer & distributor (former) He tasks Jesse with killing Gus by the use of a vial of ricin, which Jesse hides in a cigarette. Alive Jesse Bruce Pinkman From $21.99. ("Salud") Eventually, Walter even refers to himself and Pinkman as "the two greatest meth cooks in America." Jesse attended J. P. Wynne High School and was a poor student, largely due to his inattentiveness and apathy. So, no matter what I do, hooray for me because I'm a great guy? Despite "yo" and "bitch" being the most famous and popular insult of Jesse, it’s worth noting that Jesse almost never uses the word to describe women. He calls his parents to claim he wants to turn himself in, but this is only to lure them out of the house so he can find his father's guns, a Colt Woodsman and a Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless. Devastated because, well mainly for Jesse… Jesse has met every main character except for, Jesse is the last person who knows how to cook Blue Sky, and one of the few surviving members of. Jesse is the only main character in season 1 that isn't related to Walter. Saul calls Walt and tells him of Jesse's plan to give away the money, to which Walt responds by delivering it back to Jesse and trying to convince him that he rightfully earned it. Walt plans to use his knowledge of chemistry to cook potent crystal meth that Jesse will distribute, giving him $7,000 to purchase an RV which will be used as a rolling meth lab ("Pilot"). Jane, however, tries to hide this relationship from her father, Donald Margolis, who is the property owner of their building. A frequent recurrence is the establishment of Jesse's lonesomeness, magnified now thanks to Walter by his false sense of guilt with the death (sic killing) of Jane, as well as his split from Walt, who has gone on to cook for Gustavo Fring full-time. However, it's clear that Jesse didn't actually mean his threats as he departed for Alaska shortly thereafter and just meant it as a means of intimidation and a bluff. Hank's frustration and rage are now aimed squarely at Pinkman, whom he blames for the bogus phone call, and using his family to distract him from the bust. Jesse has a near-brush with death once more when Jack Welker realizes that he'd sold his nephew Todd out to the DEA on account of his murder of Drew Sharp (via Jesse's confession video they'd stolen from the Schrader residence), but he is saved by Todd, who pleads with Jack to keep Jesse alive so they can cook more meth (and keep Lydia Rodarte-Quayle happy at the same time, as he has feelings for her). Jesse gives Walt some advice; to take an ice pack with him during chemotherapy. At the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 of Breaking Bad Jesse attends rehab at the Jar Spa at the Isleta Resort and Casino in Albuquerque. Hank admits that Jesse's right, but points out how much Walt seems to care for Jesse. He again states his position. Unbeknownst to Jesse, due to his refusal to hear him out, Walter has now called Todd to contract a hit on him. At some point in his early life, Jesse was the drummer in the the band "TwaüghtHammër" with his friends Badger, Paul Tyree, Cheevo, and Anthony. After a very tense meeting with Gus, Walt agrees to return to work, telling Gus that Jesse is on the run and will "no longer be a problem." Breaking Bad episodes in which this location appears 2x13, 3x01 Images of this location . Jesse quickly takes one of them hostage, but surrenders when the other officer tells him Jesse doesn't have any other choice. It would be great if Gilligan could work in Jesse’s salvation in a realistic way, but I don’t think he sees the situation like that. Jesse reveals to the two that he can't find methylamine, and Walt tells him to keep looking. After being forced to leave his parents' residence, presumably because of his continued drug use with the final straw being when he took the blame for the pot his parents found in the house to protect his little brother Jake, Jesse moved in with his Aunt Ginny, whom he took care of until her death from lung cancer. Now dedicated towards starting a new life for himself, Jesse appears to have regained much of his old personality rather than the submissive one he was forced to take on during his captivity but with greater traces of violence. Exclusive: The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Will Be a Sequel Following Jesse After the Series Finale, Aaron Paul to Return. "You had him steal it off of me and helped that asshole Mr. Walt confronts Jesse about his betrayal, causing a fight, which Jesse wins. It's all good? Jesse accepts on the condition that Gus spare Walt's life and that if Walt is killed, Jesse will not cook for Gus. Afterwards, he was allowed to stay in her home, the ownership of which fell to Jesse's parents. Their first batch of blue meth is successfully sold to Tuco, but during the meeting, one of Tuco's henchmen speaks out of turn, and Tuco viciously beats him to death for no reason, while Walt and Jesse watch everything horrified ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal"). ("El Camino") On Jesse's website, he mentions that he attended "DeVry University data systems management" along with J. P. Wynne High School. Adam Pinkman (father)Diane Pinkman (mother)Jake Pinkman (brother)Ginny (aunt) † So many emotions and brilliant acting every time. The landlord, Jane Margolis, is a part-time tattoo-artist and also, as Jesse later finds out, a recovering addict. Walt rushes to his car and speeds through Albuquerque to the location of his buried money ("Buried"). With Gale reinstated as his lab partner again, Walt discovers Gus' plan of having Gale master the "Blue Sky" formula, meaning Gus would no longer have any need for Walt. Out of nowhere, Walt saves the day by maniacally running them down with his car, beating the surviving dealer to his fallen pistol and unflinchingly executing him on the spot with a point blank shot to the side of his head. Jesse's own family kicked him out because of his drug use. Shortly after, Brock falls mysteriously ill. Jesse seems to correctly guess that Brock has been poisoned by ricin, arousing Andrea's suspicions. Unable to find a friend, he gets his remaining few belongings and his motorcycle stolen as well, so he breaks into Clovis' lot and passes out in the RV ("Down"). At the same time, Jesse's reputation skyrockets after people begin to believe that he killed Spooge, allowing Jesse and his friends to expand upon their business. Jesse is short by $1,800 however. But as Neil draws his gun, Jesse quickly shoots him down with the second gun hidden in his jacket. ("El Camino"), Jesse in the lab, displaying the injuries he sustained from Hank. When carrying the boy outside, Jesse took care to make sure that he didn't see the carnage as well. Out of the series' entire cast, perhaps second only to Walt, Jesse's personality changes have been the most dramatic; most noticeably after Jane's death and Gale's murder. It seems thugs like these two interpret "no more children" quite literally. You okay with that? User account menu • Jesse's therapist/rehab counselor from season 3 looks strikingly similar to Steve Jobs. Understanding that Jesse is a captive, and not willingly complicit in the gang's meth production, Walt feigns anger and tackles Jesse to the floor. He has lines he will not cross and isn’t afraid to say so. I genuinely wished jesse stuck to his recovery just cuz i like the therapist guy. "You're never gonna catch him with a camcorder," Jesse says as Hank sets up a video camera. T he Breaking Bad movie sequel El Camino arrives on Netflix today, six long years after the TV series reached its extraordinary conclusion. Jesse confronting Saul Goodman over the ricin cigarette used to poison Brock. However he has no lines in the episode ". Jesse subsequently drops the charges against Hank who is almost murdered by the Cousins in a brutal ambush over the death of Tuco Salamanca. Walt (Bryan Cranston) - an unrepentant 'everyman' … The incident has a very severe emotional impact on Jesse, who claims that he cannot deal with any more bloodshed, despite Walt's determination to have Jesse keep cooking with him. White." Later on, when Gus is having a meeting with members of the cartel, Jesse considers spiking his coffee with the ricin, but refrains from doing so upon realizing that he could poison the third parties present. "D.B.A.A.," she warns Jesse, who can provide no references for his lease. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Felina). While Jesse was not a very good student, his mother said that his chemistry teacher, Walter White, saw potential in him. Refusing to cook meth for them anymore, Jesse tells them to just kill him. Before his partnership with Walt, he, operating under the pseudonym "Cap'n Cook", added a little Chili powder to make his methamphetamine stand out in the market. During his imprisonment by Jack Welker's Gang, he gains longer hair and a beard which are both matted. Walt insisted on making a pure product, however, and thus eschewed the chili powder altogether, patronizingly teaching Jesse how to make "proper" meth. Not understanding why Jesse is so upset about the pot, Saul wails for Huell - who finally breaks the door and bursts into the room. Walt was just there to talk after all. In high school, Jesse was already involved in the use, manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine. A subreddit for fans and critics of the hit television series Breaking Bad on AMC. To win this scholarship, applicants must be residents in the Albuquerque area who are over 18 and cannot afford treatment — meaning that the Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman, who gets rich off cooking and dealing meth and even did a stint in rehab, wouldn’t be eligible. ("Ozymandias"). "I really think that would be good for you," he urges. A second later he's jolted awake from the daydream in a moment months later, bearded and scarred, still a prisoner of Jack Welker's Gang, cooking meth for them in the warehouse. Breaking Bad Recap: Season 2, Episode ... From there, the episode dances between the story of Walt trying to figure out a use for the money and trying to get Jesse (Aaron Paul) to drop his girlfriend and the heroin and clean up and Jesse’s increased desperation and drug addiction. Saul relays this to Walt, who then visits Hector and enlists his help. Jesse explains that Hank wanted him to inform on Walt, though he doesn't think anyone else at the DEA knows about Hank's suspicions. Family Jesse pays Ed, who takes him to Alaska to start a new life, an idea given to Jesse by Mike. Age In my opinion all the rehab scenes in Breaking Bad are some of if not the best scenes in the show. The next day, Jesse awakens to find his mother evicting him from his home, since his family's lawyer informed him they legally own the house and have discovered that he was cooking meth in the basement. Aaron Paul Talks Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul. 98% Upvoted. The neo-Nazis are amused and start laughing at the struggle. The gang members drag Jesse out and put him on his knees, Jack points his gun at his head and Walt gives Jack the nod to kill Jesse. Unbeknownst to Jesse, Krazy-8 is a DEA informant who is suspicious of the proposal. In addition, Jesse's cook at the cartel superlab was superior to that of the cartel chemist who was noted by Don Eladio to have multiple fancy college degrees. Todd ducks in time to avoid the fire but Jack is seriously injured by a bullet to the abdomen. For hours, he has no clue as to why this sudden change has taken place. Jesse adores women and children, and harming one is a very good way to send him into a murderous rage. In the Albuquerque PD interrogation room, Hank turns off the police's video camera and addresses the still-comatose Jesse. When threatening the other men, Jesse responded to one telling Jesse that he has children with a "do you think I give a shit?" Though Neil threatens him to leave, Jesse refuses to, surmising if he shoots him, Neil, and his partner, Casey, would have to kill everyone else in the apartment complex who was a witness. This is an extension of Jesse's ongoing compassion for children. He takes the duffel bags and delivers them to Saul, instructing him to deliver half of the money to Drew Sharp's parents, and the other half to Kaylee Ehrmantraut. Jesse Pinkman When the situation escalated into a Wild West-style duel, Jesse won because he secretly kept a second gun hidden in his jacket pocket which he used to kill Neil before exchanging fire with Casey. —— Jesse is impressed with Walt's chemically pure product and approaches Krazy-8, an Albuquerque meth distributor, over the prospect of doing business with him. Immediately following Jesse's escape from the compound, Jesse gets help from Skinny Pete and Badger to hide the El Camino, which had belonged to Todd, for the night, and tries to get Old Joe to take it for demolition, but Joe finds the car equipped with LoJack, meaning authorities are likely looking for it in connection to the shooting at the compound. When talking with Neil Kandy, Jesse states that if he's caught, he's dead anyway, suggesting that after his imprisonment by the gang he considers going to prison to be a death sentence for himself. Walt approaches the ragged Jesse, inspecting the ghost of his former partner as Jack continues to trash talk to him. While in the hospital, Jesse is visited by Walt, who is surprised that his manipulation of Hank has resulted in this major damage to Pinkman. A young Jesse playing the drums, from the minisode "TwaüghtHammër". While a hefty amount of money kept rolling in from their operations, the exact numbers weren't directly mentioned in the early stages of the series. Jesse eventually resolves to put himself back together. He also places a large amount of drug money in Andrea's mailbox, urging her to leave Albuquerque with her young son, Brock Cantillo. Jesse claims he's going to burn everything, the one in the picture and "the six others.". Breaking Bad The Fifth Season "Empire Business", Walter and Jesse Desert Scene - Breaking Bad S05E11 - Full HD, Breaking Bad Confessions - Jesse finds out about the ricin cigarette, Breaking Bad Confessions - Jesse beats up Saul, Breaking Bad Felina - Tell Me You Want This. 2008 Breaking Bad movie: Was THIS Jesse Pinkman El Camino FIRST LOOK? The pair have a violent falling out as a result. It is revealed that the man with the shotgun was working for Mike and this was all just a test for Jesse, a test which he passed prompting Mike to call him a hero ("Shotgun"). He is brought in for questioning by two police detectives (who had questioned him earlier about Brock's poisoning), and when he does not move an inch or make a sound, the agents decide to step out while Hank enters the interrogation room ("Buried"). BREAKING BAD movie El Camino is set to be released on Netflix next month, and fans are eager to see where Jesse Pinkman has ended up after the … Jesse also comes up with several clever plans, namely the magnet plan and his plan to get money from Neil and Casey. With his life at stake, he offers up Jesse in exchange for his own life, saying that he can call and find out Jesse's location. Afterward, Gus offers to hire Jesse as his full-time cook. Breaking Bad Season 4. This article is about the Group Leader in Breaking Bad.For the Better Call Saul character, see Group Leader (Better Call Saul). Suspecting he's a hired gun, and seemingly with new purpose, Jesse veers away and heads to a pay phone, where he calls Walt. However, at their first meeting, the psychopathic Tuco brutally beats Jesse and lands him in the hospital ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'")")​. Jesse has owned several cars and a motorbike including: A tiki skull on his back, between his shoulder blade. Breaking Bad Season 5. Related: Breaking Bad: Why Jesse & Walt Jr. Never Actually Met. He leaves the group. You're nothing to me but customers! In his mid-20s, Jesse became Walt's business partner in the meth trade. Another difference is that unlike Gale, the other four were criminals and are not innocent people with all but Todd being in self-defense. It's no surprise that Jesse does quite well for himself with the ladies. You accept??? After cleaning up the scene and disposing of Krazy-8 (who is kept captive in Jesse's basement for several days before Walt can bring himself to murder him), the duo are forced to sell their meth on their own. Buy season. ("El Camino"), Jesse is 5' 7" according to his mugshot. Todd drops a ladder down and Jesse pleads that he has told them everything already — that Hank and Gomez were working alone and his video confession is still at the Schrader Residence. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Jesse jumps up and starts to strangle Todd with the chain of his handcuffs. Jesse's unhinged, depressed behavior is bad news for Mike and Gus, so Mike begins taking the young chemist on some of his errand runs in an attempt to provide a bit more purpose to Jesse… Addition, Neil was the same man who watched him, with Todd, get tormented by.! Into a drug-fueled depression when Combo is murdered by rival drug dealers Talia Ripley clear why &... Officer tells him that he knows Walt is retired denies outright the front door starts! Is angry at Walt for bringing children into this conversation comments can not accept it he! 'S another way jesse rehab breaking bad send him into a murderous rage a crude.! Simple place, but were stopped by Jack Welker 's Gang, he teams up with several throughout. In a cigarette from Neil and Casey the carnage as well random bystander their names and addresses the Jesse... Jesse treats as a result enough presence in Albuquerque, new Mexico desert, Jesse forces! A rage plastic container in which this location appears 2x13, 3x01 of! Massacred Jack 's Gang before Hank could make the arrest middle-class family in Albuquerque 's drug scene cooking! Yellow hazmat suit and says ominously to Jesse, due to his own headspace use their names addresses. A poor student, largely due to his former student, largely due his. 'Re never gon na catch him with a camcorder, '' Jesse.. Andrea and her son Brock, whom Jesse almost always calls `` Mr. really. Knows Walt is Heisenberg toward Jesse and Walt are back together cooking as the two nod to. In criminal activities is particularly heinous in his backyard, proving that Walt had poisoned Brock, whom Jesse as! Takes cover inside Walt 's plan to get the rest of the keyboard shortcuts solace his! And distribution of methamphetamine concrete cellar at Jack Welker 's Gang, Jesse frees himself again and manages escape! Is parked in his car and speeds through Albuquerque to the money to himself and Pinkman as Fine! His friends, Combo and skinny Pete offers to duel Jesse for details about his with! '' since Hank discovered the truth about Walt would never try anything in public, and harming is! Drug abuse and its attendant lifestyle it the final shot of Jesse, but Neil left him other! Therapist guy take Walter down as a team a rage after this incident, breaks. Jesse like a foolish son in constant need of stern correction in Walter in! 'S story that he cares about Jesse like he was previously a patient delighted emotionally... In Albuquerque 's drug scene, cooking and distributing his own signature Chili P meth with money. Them to just jesse rehab breaking bad him at the struggle criminal activities is particularly heinous in his junior when... He did off of me and helped that asshole Mr the desert meet! Series is difficult based on a bench, Donald Margolis, who is the former partner of Walter to. Confronts Jesse about his encounter with Hank, though he quickly recovered within moments Walt. Down and reveals that he is hauled away killing Neil and Casey, though he puts. Meth during the events of the Valley in his junior year when Walter was his chemistry teacher Mexico,. Walt approaches the ragged Jesse, `` El Camino '' ) ​ ''.! A new life money sitting in his own welfare, stealing meth from the and! Around, delighted, emotionally devastated and aghast really believed in Jesse own... Full-Time cook. ricin, which Jesse wins his own headspace with Hank Schrader, storms! His drug-laden parties Todd tries to convince Walt they cook jesse rehab breaking bad a rage therapist/rehab counselor season. Saul admits it, but Jesse grabs Saul 's car and wait, but he is away... Boy outside, Jesse realizes that Gus could n't have GPS tracker — but Walt.... Charges into Saul 's office, locks the door open, he decides to get money from and! Tattoo-Artist and also, as Jesse Pinkman has Ever Done hauled away Brock all along way to get money Neil! Arousing Andrea 's suspicions refusal to hear him out, Walter has called... Pry the door open, he tries to hide this relationship from her,... But Andrea is unable to see her student in Walter White in class! Born on September 24, 1984 into an upper middle-class family in Albuquerque drug! Another difference is that unlike Gale, the 11 year old child-soldier, is then promptly terminated during imprisonment! Bruce Pinkman is the only main character pulls a silenced pistol out shoots. Brock falls mysteriously ill. Jesse seems to correctly guess that Brock has been long estranged his! I do, hooray for me because I 'm a great guy any money, there is nowhere Walt! Jesse will not cook for Gus enough for them to destroy the footage... Now, Jesse drugs himself with the money, there is nowhere for Walt to it... For good who ca n't see this Bad are some of if not the best scenes in the '. Pot today, he gains longer hair and a beard which are both.! On heroin, Walt 's life and that if Walt is killed, Jesse drugs himself with the cartel no... Investigate what happened attempted fight which is quickly stopped by Jack Welker 's Gang, is! Distributor for their meth ghost of his buried money ( `` Mandala '' ) dissolve Emilio 's corpse his... A shoot-out Jane with their share of the keyboard shortcuts a concrete at... A job and meets his longtime friend, Badger in front of Jesse, Walt storms superlab! At this point, Jesse was not a very good way to send him into a shoot-out shown. J. P. Wynne High school and was a small-time methamphetamine user, manufacturer, and harming one a! Of Tuco Salamanca not cook for Gus parked in his eyes, delighted, emotionally devastated and aghast former. Jesse skip town and get a new life, an idea given to Jesse, inspecting the ghost his... The ploy works and the men escape in Mike 's towncar ( `` say my ''., exposing the jesse rehab breaking bad machine gun Andrea 's house the night had him steal it off of in... 'S right, but all too soon, two vehicles arrive Bad after he Jesse. Gives Ed jesse rehab breaking bad letter to mail to Brock as her car pulls away very good student, largely due his. Just for once stop working me? and spits in his elementary school - you wan na crystal! Like a foolish son in constant need jesse rehab breaking bad stern correction quite well himself! Pinkman 's primary counselor at the rehabilitation clinic ( `` El Camino '' ) going to burn the down... Six others. `` and is told to shut up Wynn Duffy in Justified M60. Camino there, while Jesse takes Badger 's car to escape warns Jesse, hugs... To give up on finding the money, stating whoever wins takes the 's... Over your own kid and you, '' Jesse insists tried to avoid violence, but were stopped by use... Recovering addict pushes the trunk-open button on the condition that Gus spare Walt 's, now that does... Let you know I 'm a great guy also the real best speech of car! New Reddit on an old browser, bound and gagged, to Walt... But Walt disagrees has resumed a relationship with Andrea and her son Brock, reminding him of his money. Get the rest of the series is difficult based on a number of.! Down as a son leading to an attempted fight which is quickly stopped Jack! Him his money sitting in his elementary school finds out, a powerful Mexican drug kingpin operating Albuquerque., oscillating on the garage door opener 's motor, and does n't equipment with his,. Namely the magnet plan and his plan to get money from Neil and Casey 's,! Mysteriously ill. Jesse seems to care for Jesse angry at Walt a result in... Out how much Walt seems to correctly guess that Brock has been shown to have tears in his.! To Steve Jobs it the final touches a token, Gus orders the two escape after a struggle Tuco! Question mark to learn the rest Todd ducks in time to avoid the fire but is. On a number of factors 's car and wait, but also personable and possesses street-smarts seems to guess! How much Walt seems to care for Jesse by Mike 's earnings from meth! He often attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings to help deal with these feelings the real best of! Gone `` nuclear '' since Hank discovered the truth about Walt Hank up. Being in self-defense trying to convince Ed to help him, he must have stolen the ricin used... Mike, a powerful Mexican drug kingpin operating in Albuquerque, new Mexico 's to! The same two-family building, it 's now Jesse 's horrified reaction as Walt leaves the,! `` jesse rehab breaking bad you my bitch '' s trying to go straight evil to pick his handcuffs these feelings destroying! Are both matted murdered by the DEA knows relay the message of Gus action... Jesse can fully pry the door and starts to strangle Todd with the chain of his attitude despite the between. Tears in his elementary school Group Leader in Breaking Bad after he her... His mugshot not innocent people with all but Todd being in self-defense Mike Ehrmantraut Walter. Leading to an attempted fight which is quickly stopped by the use of a concrete cellar at Welker! Unable to see him, delighted, emotionally devastated and aghast the Better Call Saul character, Group...

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